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"Maybe home is nothing but two arms holding you tight when you’re at your worst."

- Yara Bashraheel  (via sundaylatte)

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Anonymous said: Update us beautiful!! You've been mia for so long!!

Hah sorry bebe I was at an inpatient rehab center for a month without a phone. I’m now kickin it at a residential facility (for those unfamiliar with rehab terminology, inpatient has more of a medical/stabilization focus so resi is like a step down from inpatient but you live at both)
I’ve been clean almost six weeks now..which is weird..by far the longest I’ve been clean in a while. I like it here, or as much as is possible with lots of therapy involved lol but I’ve made some pretty cool friends at both facilities and my current center is absolutely gorgeous. I escaped from a lot of..issues (some drug related, some life related) and am sort of hidden from the world so that’s gucci and some good things are going on in my life right now 😏